Ashley Garrett
Judith Linhares
Liz Markus

April 10- May 10th

"Home Turf" is a 3 person show including Ashley Garrett, Judith Linhares and Liz Markus. Each painter in this show is fascinated with the dynamics of exterior vs interior. Using distinctly varied approaches, each artist's work offers exciting representations of creative havens and home.
Liz Markus' new paintings are a bold, new development in her trajectory. Her latest series often feature vacant haute, bourgeois settings. These works employ her well-known washy handling, drips and bright color. Billy Baldwin Eastman Apartment is a wide-angle view of a room populated by chairs, end tables, flowers, mirrors and modernist paintings.
Judith Linhares' paintings are theatrical, erotic and humorous all at once. Her piece, Waiting for Horsemen, features five nude women in the woods. Each figure perches in a tree against a blue starry background. Linhares often places her figures in fantastical settings - bodies often "float" in atmospheric landscapes. In other works a bunny, dog or cat are caught in close up perspectives as wild, noble or otherwise aloof.
Ashley Garrett's quasi-abstract paintings are vaguely reminiscent of natural settings and figures. Working on a small scale, her surfaces are layered and dense. Works like Corner zero in on a fragment of a room with enormous insight. Using saturated, pastel color she makes works that are subjective and personal. "Home Turf" is a group show that brings together 3 artists whose work colorfully re-imagines our notions of space, place and home.
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